Our values

“AMEC is a company you can trust and that I’m proud to work for.”

Frances Fay, Sustainability Programme Manager

Our values

Our values are not optional extras, nor are they a distraction from our real jobs. They are vital in securing and keeping trust, creating a respected, sustainable, profitable company with strong relationships – for the long-term.

Values cogsSustainably delivering excellence to our customers

  • Exceeding the expectations of our clients and others we work with
  • Thinking sustainably, for the long term
  • Passionate about success

Believing in people

  • Investing in training and development
  • Promoting teamwork and the sharing of knowledge and best practice
  • Recognising the power of diversity

Never compromising on safety

  • Protecting and supporting employees and any one working with us or affected by our activities
  • Committed to continuous improvement

Acting with integrity

  • Being reliable, trustworthy and fair in all we do
  • Showing respect
  • Committed to delivering on our promises

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