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Business sustainability starts here… AMEC is committed to reducing its carbon footprint.

Helping to bring energy to millions

Helping to bring energy to millions

Location:UK wide
Scope:Providing engineering and project management services to energy projects UK wide

We have the opportunity of a lifetime in future UK developments in energy infrastructure.”

Mike Saunders
President, Power and Process Europe

For many years AMEC has helped to bring energy to millions in its work with customers who are at the forefront of the industry.

AMEC has been a key contributor in some of the UK’s major infrastructure projects for a range of customers for projects across the whole spectrum of energy projects including:

As the need for energy output increases, the generating capacity also must increase.

We have the opportunity of a lifetime in future UK developments in energy infrastructure. Investment in recent years has been significant and this trend looks set to continue. Ofgem, the regulatory body for electricity and gas markets in the UK, estimated in 2009 that over £200 billion of investment is needed over the next ten years to secure energy supply and meet the country’s carbon targets. Energy demand has been forecast to increase from 57.6 GW currently to 58.4 GW by 2017 to satisfy the country’s 62 million population, with investment planned in AMEC’s core clean energy markets:

  • There is a strong renaissance in nuclear energy in Europe; in the UK 10GW of new capacity is planned by 2020 at a cost of £20 billion
  • In the transmission and distribution sector, £30 billion of investment is planned to 2020, doubling the rate of investment over the last 20 years
  • Investment of £20 billion in conventional power is required to provide security of supply and replace retired plant; 13GW of new capacity is to be built by 2020, mainly in CCGT (combined cycle gas turbine) technology
  • By far the largest investment (£120 billion) is planned in the renewable and bioprocess sector, as the UK strives to deliver on stringent carbon emissions targets

AMEC is well positioned in each of these sectors to take advantage of the opportunities that are evident while helping to shape the future of the UK energy market with key customers who bring energy to millions.