Specialist services

Our extensive global experience and commitment to excellence means our oil and gas production customers can be confident that we will manage their assets safely and deliver their projects on time and to budget

Specialist services

We have unique access to a complete range of value-added services that underpin everything we do.

These include our advanced engineering services professionals who seek the best technical solutions to our customers’ challenges and our training and development experts who support our global capability and local content development. AMEC has also gained extensive experience in undertaking environmental consultancy in a diverse range of countries and environments. For example, our Northern permafrost and geotechnical capabilities are world class.

Advanced Engineering Services (AES)

A range of analysis software and high performance hardware that is available to our specialist consultant engineers.

Automated work processes

Our state-of-the-art electronic work processes, such as EnRoute (pipeline mapping), ensures high data integrity with a single online database, which delivers fit-for-purpose documentation, and facilitates reduced project costs and schedule.

Environmental assessment

Our specialist scientists, technologists and engineers have gained extensive experience providing a range of services including: audit/due diligence; environmental impact assessment; social impact assessment and stakeholder consultation; health impact assessment; ecology; archaeology; hydrology; contaminated land; landscape; corporate social responsibility; air quality; noise and vibration; geotechnical investigation; soils and land use; energy audits; environmental management systems and waste planning.

Performance Improvements

Performance Improvements (PI) is a global provider of production optimisation consultancy to the oil and gas industry, maximising uptime and efficiency, reducing emissions and reducing operating costs, while operating safely.

‘Point Cloud’

This innovative Laser Model Interface (LMI) provides an interface into PDMS of Point Cloud Data produced from a laser scanner survey. This requires only one site visit to capture all the necessary data i.e. virtual walk through of the plant.


qedi is AMEC's specialist technology driven, safety and integrity focused, completions management and commissioning support service company. Operating on a global capacity qedi has successfully implemented its expert personnel and technology applications across and number of industries including Oil & Gas, Mining and Coal seam gas.

Structural analysis

Our specialist skills and knowledge in structural and material science developed originally through the nuclear industry and are directly transferable to the oil and gas industry. These have been used to provide in-depth analysis of asset and operational failures, and to give support for component re-design. Services include a unique remote leak-sealing application, which has been used effectively to seal over 500 leaks in 40 sites across the world.

Training and Development

AMEC's Training and Development services in an international full-service training solutions provider. Its promary focus is designing, developing and delivering site-specific operations and maintenance training programs.

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