Across many of our sectors AMEC delivers excellence in construction and construction management for our customers, enhancing the quality and value of construction projects.

The end product in construction depends on the quality of materials, construction practices, and the level of care and quality control in the construction process. The Construction Support Services offered by AMEC are directed at enhancing the quality and value of construction projects.

AMEC provides dependable construction services from office locations throughout the world. AMEC’s approach to providing 'World skills at your doorstep' allows clients to benefit from a complete lifecycle of services under one roof.

Our construction management professionals focus on providing leading practices for project management, construction techniques, subcontractor management, health & safety, quality assurance and quality control, and other issues affecting construction projects. AMEC provides front-end regulatory and design consulting as well as engineering and program construction management services.

Storage tank services


AMEC is a leading provider of storage tank services

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