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AMEC power save

In 2012 AMEC began using new energy management software – Joulex - which allows us to monitor and reduce both energy and costs associated with powering our networked equipment i.e. computers, laptops, some phones and some printers.

The system has the potential, helping to achieve carbon reduction in line with our carbon strategy;

  • Energy visibility – visibility of energy consumption, cost, and utilisation associated with our networked equipment
  • Immediate savings – savings on energy costs from the moment management policies are enabled, without impeding performance or business operations
  • Powerful analytics help quantify, justify, and prioritise energy savings and carbon reduction savings
  • Energy transparency – visibility of how energy is used across the business
  • Reporting – ability to report on actual energy consumption in relation to this equipment and on actual continual savings made as a result of the software

In 2013 the power management policy function of the software was switched on in both Europe and our Growth Regions offices, meaning desktop computers that have been left switched on and unused, are put into a hibernation outside normal working hours.

During 2013 the software saved our European and Growth Regions offices over 385,000kWh, equating to nearly £41,000.

In 2013 our America’s offices completed their roll out of the software and their savings will be available to report in the near future.

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